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SSI provides digital transformation solutions suitable for each specific business, according to the criteria of the simplest, most effective, easy-to-implement approach, consistent with modern technology standards, ensuring for the development expands the future.

SSI provides complete digital transformation solutions to complete a comprehensive chain of digital factories, to digital platform for business operation management, to e-commerce platform. B2B2C electronics help to connect manufacturers, retailers and end-users.

Strengths of SSI

  • Deep understanding of technology, as well as a unique understanding of customers
  • Diverse, suitable, and modularized solutions
  • The world’s leading and successful technology solution partners
  • Build a cohesive, shared, reliable, long-term digital transformation community.

Factory digitization.

Industrial factory digital transformation.

Digitalization business.

Digital transformation of management systems, business operations management, resource management, business management.

B2B2C commercial digital platform.

Transforming the manufacturer chain (B), retail distribution system (B) and customer (C).