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Smart Cities, Smart Estates, Smart Buildings solutions

SSI Solutions is member of Thang Uy Group is one of the pioneers in providing total consulting services and platform technology solutions for smart city, smart estate, and smart building projects.

In-depth understanding of the domestic market, and leading professionalism in the industrial solutions, infrastructure solutions, control measurement solutions, devices and IoT platforms businesses, as well as businesses software development team, is the basic value of SSI Solutions.

SSI establishes strategic partnerships with the world’s leading companies in the smart city component solutions, creating a complete total solution alliance led by SSI, coordinated and ensured for successful implementation of smart city projects. That is: SSI Solutions under Thang Uy Group is one of the pioneers in providing total consulting services and platform technology solutions for smart city, smart estate, and smart building projects.

Overall project consultant, smart city project coordinator, smart module software development
SSI Solutions belongs to Thang Uy Group, with 24 years of experience of the team in Vietnam market in the fields of information technology, industrial solutions, measurement and automatic control and IoT platform.
Digital platform Smart City, Smart Estate, Smart Building
SSI partnerships with the world leaders in digital platforms for smart city, smart estate and buildings, and smart security, lighting, retail, healthcare … to ensure the successful implementation of smart city projects.
Solution of providing clean water infrastructure for Smart City
Solution for designing, planning and managing pump infrastructure for water supply and wastewater implemented by Surbana Jurong, Heerim and Xylem Inc are the world’s leading solution providers. Solutions for water supply and seawater filtration are provided by Hitachi Aquatech - the world’s leading supplier in this field. In particular, the alkaline ion electrolyte health water supply solution for the community and residents in Smart City is provided with the world’s leading OSG firm from Japan.
Solution District Cooling Systems
Johnson Controls Hitachi, strategic partner TUG / SSI, is the world’s No. 1 solution firm for urban central refrigeration systems, bringing great investment efficiency to smart cities, reducing investment costs of investors, increasing the longevity and safety and operating costs of real estate.
Smart traffic solution
Surbana Jurong, Heerim, BYD Smart Electric Car, IHI Smart Parking are the leading solutions and strategic partners of SSI for smart transportation.
Consulting on designing overall concepts and detailed planning of smart city
Surbana Jurong, 100% capital of Singapore Temasek Group, and Heerim Architects and Planners (Korea), the two leading enterprises in Asia and the world, have successfully implemented hundreds of smart city projects around the world and in Asia, and in Vietnam. Heerim and Surbana Jurong are strategic partners of SSI for Smart City Master Plan Designers.
Clean energy and electrical infrastructure solutions for smart city
Equatoriale Energy Singapore/Saudi Arabia, the world’s leading investor in LNG clean energy, together with Thang Uy Energy are SSI’s strategic partners capable of jointly investing and operating a clean power plant system. and smart for smart city.
Smart City environmental sanitation and wastewater treatment solutions
Surbana Jurong, Heerim together with Xylem Inc (USA) and Fujiclean (Japan) are strategic partners of SSI in this field, ensuring the waste treatment, drainage and sanitation system meet world standards.
Smart security solution for Smart City
Alsok (Japan) are the world’s leading strategic partner of SSI with comprehensive solutions from security platforms, equipment, applications, and services.
Smart real estate asset management and operation solutions
SSI partnerships with world solution leaders for this sector, to ensure operational management platform of the smart city.