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Our business principle is deploying the Digital Transformation Solutions and Digital Platforms to every business, every business community and everyone, by the simplest, most effective and most suitable methods. We help our customers ready for the digital life and the digital economy. Everyting we do, is targeting those clear goals, and with our integrity, enthusiasm, and creativity that never stops.

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See why SSI Solutions is the #1 choice for Smart City Solutions, Digital Transformation and Social Business Platforms. Get free Product Tour. See why SSI Solutions is the #1 digital Platforms. Get free Product Tour.


We create the smart digital lifes in Smart Cities, by an unprecedented combination of our deep knowhow in technology as well as local history and culture, and a global coalition with over ten world giant smart-city firms, comprised of the architectects & planning concepts for smart city, the digital platform for smart city management and operation, and over ten others leading state-of-art infrastructure smart city vendors.

Clean environments, secured lifes, safety foods and water for healthy, clean LNG & renewable energy, smart and reliable facilities of life for residentials and communities are provided by our coalition, including and not limited the smart facilities for the modern aerotropolis city.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital transformation for businesses, nowaday, is no longer an option, it’s a must to remain competitive. We help create digital businesses, with the vision, efficiency and competitive power that will meet the age of the digital economy.

We advise and provide suitable, efficient, and easy-to-deploy Digital Transformation Solutions for many businesses models. A comprehensive digitrans solution for each business in the value chain or the whole ecosystem, we can all provide a reliable state-of-art solutions, with best TCO and ROI.

Digital Factory, ERP, CRM, Workfows Management, Communication Platform, B2B2C e-commerce platform to engage with agents and buyers ... is what we can deliver and help your company being more efficient and competitive.

Social Business PlatformS

E-commerce is a digital transformation of the distribution and retailing of goods. We build special e-commerce platforms, which we call The social business platforms, that create particularly effective engagement of manufacturers, distribution systems, and customers.

Cost and time to deliver the goods are reduced. The origin is verified. The manufacturers engage and capture directly customers' tastes to make the right decisions based on live data ... are what we bring in.

Users, when connect together in a community, have destructive power against poor-quality goods and fraudulent sellers. We create social business community platforms where users own and have a decisive voice, and make the consumer market the most transparent and quality

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Digital Transformation is now a must, not an option. And you need to do it right, right at the beginning.

SSI Solutions is the right choice to start your digital journey.

SSI Solutions puts itself in the mission of bringing the simplest digital transformation solutions and digital platforms to every business, every community, and each user in the most appropriate and effective to implement. We bring the right things to the right people, with the right digital solutions.

From initial digital transform advisory, to a complete Smart Digital Life, we are always along with you.

  • Diverse, suitable, and modularized solutions for each specific business
  • Deep understanding of technology, as well as a unique understanding of customers
  • The world’s leading and successful technology solution partners
  • Minimize cost of goods and intermediate costs
  • Professional service specialists in project implementation

Our Capabilities

SSI Solutions under Thang Uy Group is one of the pioneers in providing total consulting services and platform technology solutions for Smart City, for Digital Businesses, and Digital Social Business Platforms.