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SSI Solutions has developed, completed and put into business a specialized digital platform for each industry, a business platform by e-commerce mode and formed a cohesive business community, including Manufacturer (B) produces merchandise, Distributors and retailers (B) and End Buyers (C).

The integration of online B to B to C on a digital platform will help reduce costs, improve market transparency and optimize supply chains, and control the origin of goods and service quality. The direct connection with the end customer will also enable Manufacturers to make business decisions based on instant data from customers, ensuring competitive acumen and improving business efficiency.

SSI builds specialized B2B2C platforms for each commodity and service industry, based on core values:

  • In-depth understanding of each market
  • Optimizing the efficiency of the B2B2C link chain
  • Minimize cost of goods and intermediate costs
  • Form a community with mutual benefit
  • Smart technology, simple software, consistent functionality, and the ability to analyze data using AI tools.

Deployed B2B2C SOCIAL BUSINESS platforms

Business community - Renewable energy: Solar and Wind power
Business community - Alkaline ionized water
Business community - Software and software services
Business community - Education sector
Business community - Health and Pharmaceutical
Business community - Travel and tourism products
Business community - Service and consulting
Business community - Air conditioning equipment and Warranty service
Business community - Motorcycle and warranty and repair service

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